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Bonkers Blog September 2019

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24 September (Part 1) - The Contact form is back

A few days ago the Contact Form was removed from Bonkers after one too many poison pen messages and I failed to successfully change the code to reject anonymous input.

It’s back but it’s different.

Contact formIt allows me to simply switch between blocking or accepting Anonymous Input. Currently it accepts Anonymous messages.

It allows the sender to Edit and/or Print the message and provides me with a more detailed summary of messages.

It also provides more rigorous protection against poison pen letters so I am almost looking forward to the next one.

Unfortunately it includes one of those annoying Captcha security checks. Maybe I should try switching it off and simply rely on the other security measures.

Comments welcome; via the Contact Form presumably.

In other news; I have learned how to stop selected emails reaching me at all. Those property offers from Liverpool and Hull will drop straight through the Oblivion Hole and I will never know. 😜


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