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26 September - Humbug

Deprived of the opportunity to attend Bexley’s Health Scrutiny meeting yesterday evening - I noticed at the 11th hour that they had decided to meet in Bromley and abandon webcasting - I listened instead to the disgraceful Parliamentary session.

I am not one of Boris Johnson’s greatest fans. Yes he can be amusing but I am pretty damned sure he is a question dodger, finds lying easy and pays scant regard to the judicial process, but there was no doubt in my mind that last night the real baddies were the opposition parties. They are such appalling hypocrites. Time and time again they have labelled Leavers Little Englanders and Fascists and David Lammy (Labour MP for Tottenham) has said that Leavers are worse than Nazis.

At least Boris Johnson doesn’t stoop to their level.

Labour MPs are such innocents aren’t they as these two MPs’ Tweets demonstrate.

Coyle Woodstock
Today I have heard a lot of comment from predominantly Labour MPs on the radio lying outrageously about what happened last night. The Commons Speaker did not rule against the use of the word Humbug and it was a female Labour MP who invoked the murder of Jo Cox MP, not Mr. Johnson. If you only listened to the radio today you might not know that.

Late this afternoon a friend told me how disgusting the Prime Minister was. He had been listening to the untruthful Lib Dem and Labour statements. He had not listened to the so called debate and I had to find some of the original audio clips to show how badly he had been misled. By the time our discussion ended I had converted a Remainer to realising the EU he wanted to see could only come from Leaving.

But its is not only Labour politicians who hurl abuse on Twitter. I have been informed that Bexley Councillor Philip Read is so ashamed of some of his own comments that he now only lets his closest friends see them. Fortunately Read and I have some mutual friends and here to commemorate his most recent anti-democratic decision is a little reminder of his frequent excesses.

In no particular order…

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There is only one blog in Bexley that indulges in political comment.

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It’s not difficult to guess who that would be. Presumably the one that told me that what I write is one third conspiracy theory and one third plain wrong.

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For the record I was refused admittance to the Belvedere Beach opening day.

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And the despicable Read casually labels all and sundry racists without producing any evidence whatsoever.

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In fact Councillor Read does input to the @bexleynews account. Not only does he sometimes appear to debate with himself but more honest Conservatives have confirmed that the author is sometimes. maybe even frequently, Councillor Philip Read.

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