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Bonkers Blog September 2019

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27 September (Part 2) - One rule for them…

Beware quoted bad language.

Until 2016 BiB stuck to its Bexley Council only agenda but as the EU Referendum approached it jumped off the fence. It was too big an event to ignore and things have never been the same since then.

Unexpected by the Great and the Good, but not to those with an ear to the ground, the Leave side won. That fact exposed a lot of sore losers.

In the days and weeks following the result I collected the insults thrown in my direction until I became bored by them. Here’s a selection of the tolerance on display in the Summer of 2016.

Nazi. Fascist. Sieg Heil! Traitor. Lemmings killing each other. Zealots. Will cause a World War. Evil fucker. Dad’s Army still fighting WWII. Sick with anger at you Brexiteers. Irresponsible. Deeply resented. Fascist moron. Idiot creeping out of the sewer. Bigot. Dimwit. I prefer Angela Merkel. Farage is poisonous and dangerous. Brexshit. Rednecked loon. It will bring back rickets. Batshit fascist. Noisy bunch of fascists. Theresa May is Hitler. Oh do fuck the fuck off. The Anglosphere is right up to its neck in shit. If you read the Sun or Mail you’ve chosen to eat shit and deserve what you get. I hope everyone who voted Tory and Brexit is ashamed of the result of what they’ve done. Remember, YOU voted for them and this shameful, shitty mess we’re in. You live on a nasty little island.

BookWater off a duck’s back. No one threatened to kill me, but it is a regular occurrence for MPs. It is appalling, horrendous and totally unforgiveable and the culprits ought to be in jail.

I still receive comment critical of my own Brexit position but I fail to understand how my views on the issue are the cause of all the hatred that Brexit has engendered. I fortunately do not see the nightmarish stuff aimed at MPs but I do see it from a handful of irrational MPs both in and out of Parliament. Despite that the Remainer’s propaganda machine appears to be winning the battle of words.

Most broadcasters, in fact pretty much every one of them apart from Julia Hartley-Brewer on Talkradio, is telling me that the use of the words Humbug and Turkey is a resigning matter when “Tony Blair can fuck off and Die” is not.

One of the leading figures in this war of words is MP Jess Phillips. I must make a confession. Not being a telly addict I thought she was a man until very recently. It’s not helped by Esq. on her Twitter name. But no, the talk is not as coarse as it is because Jess Phillips is an uncouth ill-educated man, it is because she is no better than a fishwife and proud of it.

Here is a selection of Tweets from a woman - the Internet keeps telling me she really is a woman - who along with others objects to “offensive, inflamatory and pejorative language”. You don’t have to read it all, any three Tweets will do to get the general idea. IQ around 45 do you reckon?

HatredHow can she keep a straight face when on the radio complaining that the Prime Minister is stoking up hatred by saying “Humbug”?

There is no more than circumstantial evidence but I personally suspect that Boris Johnson abused his position to get Councillor Peter Craske off the Misconduct rap in 2012. I wouldn’t trust him an inch but is he really worse than this fellow who aspires to be Chancellor of the Exchequer?

How does he get away with it and almost zero critical comment in the main stream media and Boris Johnson gets so many adverse headlines for what at worst were ill-chosen words when stitched into a difficult position by a hateful opposition?

Video extracted from Twitter but originally from Guido Fawkes


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