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Bonkers Blog September 2019

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28 September (Part 2) - 100% Green

Strange noises were coming from Lesnes Abbey so I wandered up there to take a look. There was some sort of Eco Fest going on, sponsored by Bexley Council if the notices and the presence of the Mayor were any guide.

Strange how you can live 200 yards away and read the local Facebrook Groups and not have a clue about some of the upcoming events.

I have no idea what it was all about, something to do with Eco living I thought but what one could see from the outside did not wholly support that theory.

I say outside because it appeared to be a closed event. Every gate bar one to the public gardens was tied shut with lengths of string and the only gate open said Ticket Entrance and was manned by a burly bouncer.

I took the ‘Welcome’ at face value and stayed outside so exactly what Bexley Council was spending our money on remains a mystery.
Eco Fest Eco Fest Eco Fest Eco Fest
I’m not sure what I would learn from an Eco Fest anyway. Last Thursday evening I dragged my green bin to the footpath and quickly looked inside. It was empty. I had gone the whole two weeks without producing any non-recyclable waste at all. Does that entitle me to an award from Cabinet Member Craske?

When I checked indoors I found a few pieces of cellophane wrapper in the kitchen waste basket but not enough to justify the waste of a black sack.

I left the bin where it was. By morning it was half filled with a neighbour’s rubbish.
Eco Fest
Further enquiries revealed that admission to the almost unadvertised Lesnes Abbey Eco Fest was by ticket only through Eventbrite. How ridiculous is that?


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