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News and Comment April 2020

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1 April - Colour confusion

BinsWhilst sympathetic to the enormous problems that have wrecked Bexley’s generally excellent refuse collection service I confess to having been totally confused at times by the plethora of occasionally contradictory - or maybe just changing over time - collection information flowing from the Council’s official Twitter feed.

Cabinet Member Peter Craske may have cleared matters up a bit for those whose green bin is due for collection this week.

It isn’t my green bin day until the 10th April so can I assume it will be blue bin day too? Not sure, but I know that will make it a whole month since the last green collection.

Do I assume that in a further two weeks time, the 24th, it will be green bin day again and it will be white bin day too? Remember that recycling has gone monthly, that is four weekly.

Is the foregoing right? Who knows? But more certainly if your green bin is due to be emptied this week put out the blue one too. Maybe we will see a similar Tweet next week.

Remember that food waste goes in the green bin. Brown bins? Forget ‘em.


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