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News and Comment April 2020

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2 April - Get yer brown bins out! Confused? Join the club

As emails from Bexley Council arrive in Inboxes across the borough…

Dear Sir/Madam
We apologise that the garden waste service has had to be suspended since the 23rd March 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic reducing staffing levels.
To ensure that you get a full years’ service as per the terms and conditions of the service we have added 8 weeks to your contract end date and delayed any renewal payments in line with this.
Hopefully the service will be able to resume within this 8 weeks extension but if not more time will be added to your contract as compensation.
Yours sincerely
The Garden Waste Team

… residents in dressing gowns are chasing brown bin collectors down many a street.

At just gone eight o’clock a collection truck came along the road collecting the brown/garden bins!!!
I managed to get ours and several neighbours bins out and there was a lot of calls to people further along the road warning them. Some made it but there were several who didn’t.
I spoke to one of the collectors and he said that it was only decided this morning to do the collection. We have now put every bin out (as all neighbours have done) since we have no idea what will be collected and when.


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