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News and Comment April 2020

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3 April (Part 3) - A Councillor you can count on

Somewhat reluctantly I went to Abbey Wood’s Sainsbury’s with the old lady’s shopping list and got nearly all of it and a few extras too. Sainsbury’s had things pretty well organised but it took a lot longer to get in than last time. As far as I could see I was ninth in the car park queue, that is nine groupings rather than nine individuals but it still took 27 minutes to get in. The CV bug was being combatted by the young lady chain smoking in front of me, ironically she will get a ventilator if the need arises whereas I will not.

The queue was much longer by the time I emerged heavily loaded.

£43 later (a few bits were for me) I was on my way to Blackfen, the only excitement being provided by an off route 301 bus descending Knee Hill.

The vegetables, milk, eggs etc. together with - should I admit to this? - a bottle of plonk were safely delivered but the chocolate digestives were rejected. As a coeliac they are no good to me, any offers?

The lady was very pleased to see me once she belatedly recognised my masked face and insisted on swapping what I had taken with two frozen steaks which had apparently come from Bournemouth.

I am very grateful to Councillor Sue Gower (Conservative, Bexleyheath) who offered to do the shopping run for me but now that the immediate problem has abated will endeavour to ensure that a lady with multiple health issues is on Bexley Council’s vulnerable persons list. We must all pull together. Most people are.


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