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3 April (Part 4) - Inconvenience or death. You choose

Wittering on here for the past ten years has attracted all sorts of emails on all sorts of subjects. Today’s are all about bins or Covid-19 and the two are not unrelated. I somehow produce very little rubbish and garden waste excepted I wouldn’t much care if the collection intervals were halved. Right now recycling intervals have been temporarily halved and some people are seriously inconvenienced by it.

Today Bexley’s revised and occasionally chaotic schedule should have seen my brown, green and white lidded bins emptied. The brown garden waste was collected in the morning and the plastic etc. in the white bin went late this afternoon.

Nothing in the white lidded bin was mine. My green bin is still unemptied. I am beginning to lose count but if it doesn’t go today I think it will enter the fifth week of neglect. Fortunately it contained only a tiny bag of Cellophane packets and greasy kitchen roll but neighbours have filled it near to the brim.

Some people are already more than a little annoyed about the lack of collections and I hope they do not suffer the same problem seen in my road today. Having checked by text with a few neighbours Bexley Council appears to have picked up white lidded bins at even numbered houses only.

The other emails are far more worrying, the CV is striking very close to home with reports of middle aged healthy people laid very low and older ones in a very serious condition indeed. I know I broke the rules today by delivering vital supplies to a lady who suffers nine different underlying health conditions but part of me wishes I had not done it.

Nevertheless I urge you to bloody well not go out, people I know distantly are at death’s door.

Tomorrow is forecast to be a fine day. I can walk to the edge of Lesnes Abbey Park without using any public road. If I see it filled with merry makers tomorrow I think I might wander up to the boundary with a very long lens and take a few snaps.


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