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News and Comment April 2020

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11 April - Bexley’s Kentish Belle clanger

I have very little sympathy for those who criticise the refuse collection services and the various help organisations providing food and medical supplies during this most traumatic period of our lives. The staff shortages and the need to observe the distancing recommendations will inevitably disrupt refuse collection schedules, even those made only 24 hours earlier. These guys (and gals?) deserve praise for putting their lives at additional risk for you and me.

Food and medicine deliveries must be even more difficult and an unimaginable logistical nightmare. New staff to be trained to do things that they have never done before are suddenly turned into emergency couriers delivering to previously unknown addresses. If things don’t always go quite right or as quickly as one might hope it may not be good but it is understandable and no one will be messing around for the sheer hell of it.

I am not so sure that the same can be said for a pen pusher safely cocooned in his office. How could Bexley, and only Bexley, make such a cock-up of interpreting the rules on which shops can remain open for on-line orders?
Kentish Bell Kentish Bell

Click image above to order beer.

Beer is not an essential purchase for me, I have a few bottles in my cupboard but the Best By date is 2013. I am beginning to think that getting drunk might be a good way of getting through this crisis.


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