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News and Comment April 2020

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18 April (Part 2) - One rule for them - again!

What a difference a week has made. Last weekend the government had me pretty much on side with its efforts to contain the Chinese Flu, but not any more, I think I may have lost all patience with them and find it hard to believe a word they say.

I got quite a lot of stick from the hard of thinking when I suggested that two friends who have been nowhere and seen no one for several weeks could safely travel a short distance, preferably wrapped inside a car, and meet for a cup of tea before they go totally insane. I now have the grand total of one non-advertising Twitter accounts on my block list.

That chat over a cuppa must be far safer than a supermarket queue or a jog in the park but it would seem that another symptom of COVID-19 is an addled brain.

Addled brains are apparently most commonly found in those wearing police uniforms as numerous videos from around the country will testify. Drones over lone walkers in the Dales, police inspecting shopping bags, another telling a father that his child cannot play in its own garden and a door kicked down because a man was inside watching the television all by himself.

I first came to the conclusion that some police were little better than uniformed thugs when in my late teens I acquired a Glaswegian girlfriend and sampled some of the local nightlife. In the opinion of local youngsters the worst of their school friends joined the police for a legalised punch up and they were always spoiling for a fight. Glasgow of course always had a certain reputation and I half forgot it after returning down south but the rot may well have spread in recent years. The face of thuggery and hatred can be seen in the worst Youtube and Twitter offenders

On Thursday last week police reached the pinnacle of their brain addled stupidity, at least I hope it is the pinnacle.

Cressida Dick Met. PoliceLed by Met. Commissioner Cressida Dick Westminster Bridge was lined by police vehicles with flashing blue lights and dozens if not hundreds of police officers lining the kerbs clapping in support of the staff working in the adjacent St. Thomas’ Hospital. Alongside them were hordes of the general public some with young children.

Are they all mad? The vast majority of us have hidden in our homes bearing all sorts of hardships and Cressida Dick thinks it is fine to raise two fingers in their direction. The rules do not apply to her. Some will think that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander and undo some good work.

My old friend Mick Barnbrook responsible for the imprisonment of half a dozen MPs over the expenses scandal ten years ago has been roused from his generally - since the pandemic - pro-police stance and is calling for Cressida Dick’s head.

Mick received universal support from his sixteen thousand followers and the newspaper headlines this morning have taken a very similar line.

Cressida Dick may not be toast this time as she will have friends in high places and the police always rally round to support their own and maybe even promote them - see Operation Midland.

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If an unexpurgated Daniel Morgan Panel report ever gets into the public domain, Dick should be toast anyway.


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