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News and Comment April 2020

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27 April - 100% idiocy

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LetterThe police have not come out of this lockdown well have they? Idiocy almost beyond comprehension all over the place but it will be a small proportion even if it does include Cressida Dick. On the other hand 100% of Home Secretaries have been found lacking.

I couldn’t care less that Priti Patel does a Dianne Abbott with big numbers but I am appalled by her hang ‘em and flog ‘em mentality first noted when she appeared on Question Time in 2011. One might have sympathy with that view in some cases but as recent events have demonstrated, the police are perfectly willing to stitch people up and expect judges to believe them over the falsely accused.

Insider knowledge suggests the Home Secretary is not looking for the truth on the Daniel Morgan murder enquiry and last Thursday at the daily Covid-19 press conference she was calling for stiffer penalties for lockdown transgressions at the very time that there is a groundswell of opinion going in the opposite direction.

I have tried to see the good side of our Home Secretary, she sometimes says sensible things, trouble is she never ever carries them through. Simply hopeless.


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