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News and Comment February 2020

Index: 2020

12 February (Part 1) - Electrifying news

ChargemasterLocal electric vehicle users have said on their Facebook Group that Bexley’s 13 charging posts are all now operational. If they are I have not seen a Press Release from Bexley Council.

At your domestic tariff these charging points will deliver about a poundsworth of electricity per hour, good for something between 15 and 30 miles depending on which car you have and how aggressively you drive it.

The chargepoints are part of the BPchargemaster network, it used to be called Polar until the BP takeover and the original name lingers on.

To use these new charge points you must sign up for a Polar Plus card which costs £7·85 a month after a three month free introductory period. Having got one, Bexley’s chargers are free to use. Not a bad deal if you have no charger at home, can’t easily go to Sainsbury’s or Lidl (totally free) and live within a very short walk of one of the 13 public charging posts.

If you satisfy those conditions and have only a short commute each day they may be useful however if for any reason they are already in use when you arrive there you may have to book a day’s leave.


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