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News and Comment February 2020

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12 February (Part 2) - Will they ever learn?

Restricted Parking Zone Restricted Parking Zone Parking bayI never cease to be amazed by the way motorists park, says I so cautious that I have never had a parking ticket in very nearly 60 years of driving.

In Wilton Road, in the bit nearest to Abbey Wood station, there is near constant pavement parking and yesterday someone had parked right in the middle of the dual five minute bay. (Photo 3.)

A lady squeezed in behind and reversed right into the space which may be reserved for a tree - around 20 were promised and if we are lucky we will get two - such that her back wheel sunk deeply into the soil and the kerb threatened to squash her catalytic converter.

I had my camera with me but thought it best not to risk creating a scene.

Abbey Wood drivers also appear to have no concept of the term Restricted Parking ZONE. They are still parking within it and where there are no road markings all day.

Very soon they will be making a massive contribution towards subsidising my Council Tax.


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