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News and Comment February 2020

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14 February (Part 1) - My Old Man’s A Striking Dustman

It’s Dust Bin Day for me, just a small bag of cellophane and similar after two weeks. Nothing else. I was going to say that the Dust Bin Men who collect in DA17 are as near perfect as anyone has any right to expect. One incident in 30 years when I was asked for money to take away the cardboard that had protected a new mattress, or maybe it was a bed. Far too long ago to remember.

Then just as I was mentally writing this piece on my way to the newsagent the refuse collector just in front of me in Abbey Road where it meets New Road lifted a blue lid (Paper and Card) and found a small bottle lying on top. Maybe a passer-by put it there on his way home from the pub last night. The Dust Bin Man simply picked it out and threw it into the road where fortunately it did not smash.

StrikeAnd why was I thinking of writing about Dust Bin Men on my way to pick up a newspaper? Because the demo at the Council Offices a couple of weeks ago, marred by someone who thought it amusing to disrupt the Cabinet Meeting, has developed towards planning a strike.

I wonder who will be singled out as being the worst Councillors? (See associated text.) Maybe I will be exempt from strike action as my Councillor is the Labour Leader in Bexley. If not it may be that me generating next to no rubbish will pay off, the strike is to be on Friday 13th March.

As usual a certain amount of the planning is being done via Social Media.

I went on strike once. Just for an afternoon. I had become disenchanted with BT who were something like 18 months late paying a promised pay rise. So just for once I joined the strike along with most of the managing grades.

BT put out a press release to say the strike had been very poorly supported - which was a lie - and had little effect on the business - which may have been true.

However to cover up the lie BT did not dock anyone’s pay. To have done so might expose their lie. Are all big employers that crooked?


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