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News and Comment February 2020

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15 February (Part 1) - Gayton Road. More Bexley Council stupidity

Gayton Road stairs Gayton Road The regeneration of the 100 metre long Gayton Road was scheduled for completion in February 2019 and has still not been completed.

Men were working on the stairs to the flyover yesterday or to be more precise there was a van parked where I stood to take Photo 1 this morning and they were carrying lengths of timber to a higher level, however there was no sign of any progress this morning.

Last Wednesday I was a little critical of someone who parked in the middle of the station stop off parking space and the lady driver who drove into the adjacent ‘flower bed’ and sunk into it nearly to her axle.

I take it all back. I used that space to stop and take these two photos. A Nissan Leaf was neatly tucked into the first available space - these electric cars get everywhere - and I went to reverse into the second space in front of the Leaf.

I couldn’t easily get into it because the kerb seen in Photo 2 juts out at 90° towards the road. Impossible to see while driving so I gave it a wide berth. I could get in if I blocked the Leaf into its position or pull right forward and risk being blocked in myself.

Once again proof that whoever designs Bexley’s roads really hasn’t got a clue.

There is no reason why the bay could not have been made just a few feet longer and the bay ends angled at 45° but that would have required intelligence and a desire to be helpful to motorists. As everyone who drives in Bexley both commodities are sadly lacking here.


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