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News and Comment February 2020

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22 February (Part 1) - What took them so long?

I was promised a tip off of the old Harrow Inn site redevelopment going before the Planning Committee but it didn’t happen, instead I was alerted to it by the 853 blog. It has been a long time coming for it is eleven years since the old pub was demolished. (Pictures from 2010.)

I first saw Peabody’s plans for the long derelict site in July 2017 when it was said that the planning application would be submitted in the following November, but it didn’t happen and a few months later the public made it very clear that they didn’t like Peabody’s proposals.

Peabody went back to the drawing board and came up with revised ideas which were exhibited in Abbey Wood in January 2019. Much better was the verdict and a whole year later Bexley Council is asked if it agrees. The plans will be approved next Thursday.
Harrow Inn

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