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News and Comment February 2020

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27 February (Part 2) - Zap Map App

Charging pointsBy chance I was browsing around a phone App called Zap Map last night to see if it included Bexley’s new electric car charging points. Zap Map aims to list every charging point in the country and sure enough Bexley’s new ones were there.

As they are all internet connected they can be interrogated to see if they are in use and if not when were they last used.

None I looked at had been in use over the past 24 hours and one had not been used in the last six days.

One was reported as being completely out of order.

The fee is £1·20 to make the connection after which the electricity used is free. That makes an hour’s stay not much more than charging at home on a standard rate which is not at all bad but obviously it would be best to stay connected longer. What are the parking restrictions, I have not seen a live one yet to be able to check?

Click image for Bexley Council’s announcement. Good to see that more are planned.


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