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Bonkers Blog January 2020

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3 January - Any answers?

Every morning I think the flu is going away and by mid-afternoon it is back sapping all energy. Maybe there is not much to report in Bexley anyway but if there is I’ve not the energy to look into it.

There was another of those anonymous email messages earlier today, one that asks a question but does not permit a reply. I don’t know the answer to the enquiry. I know that in Newham there are only two refuse bins, one for things that can be recycled and another for things that can’t. Separating things is entirely possible, Bexley Council is taking the technique a step further right now.

But mixing food waste with paper? Not heard of that one before.

I have been reading your blogs for years and was wondering if any of your other readers have witnessed the council’s bin men throw all residential paper waste into the same bins as the smelly, mouldy, greasy food waste? Surely this will contaminate the paper, rendering it unrecyclable?

I’ve seen this on a number of occasions and can’t seem to get an answer from either the bin men at the time, or from the council via email. I’d be interested to know if there is a legitimate reason, or if they are just plain lazy?

The writer reveals he lives in Brampton Road.


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