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Bonkers Blog January 2020

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7 January - Doomed to disappointment

The bloody flu has gone, went almost like flicking off a light switch nearly five weeks after it arrived. A bit of a cough left over but from now on a lack of blogs can be blamed on no news or very possibly laziness.

Hiding under a blanket does not of course prevent half an eye being kept on Twitter and several Tweets have caught my eye already this year. I was intrigued by the underlying contrast between these two which appeared a few days apart, the first (a Retweet) from the President of Erith and Thamesmead Conservative Association and the second from the MP for that constituency. One I rather liked and one I most definitely didn’t.
Priti Patel Abena Oppong-Asare
Priti Patel is both Home Secretary and MP for Witham in Essex, a place I know of only because my Great Grandfather was born there in 1860 and was promptly deposited in the local workhouse. Priti is a lady of Asian origin who is proud to be British. Good for her.

Abena Oppong-Asare on the other hand appears to be rather more occupied with continuing on the course that keeps the Labour Party aloof from traditional British values. How will they ever attract talent with a policy that further restricts their shallow talent pool?

I wish Priti the best of luck, I think her heart is most probably in the right place but I would put money on her failing to achieve her ambitions while Boris Johnson is Prime Minister. They both might learn something about the path the country is taking if they travelled on the Underground regularly, in east London in particular. Far too many people there show a total lack of consideration for civilised society. Pray that Priti does not allow Newham to become the norm.


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