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Bonkers Blog January 2020

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9 January (Part 1) - Sods at the end of a spade

United LivingAfter blighting Bexleyheath with a town centre tower block due to a combination of poor decision making and bad luck Bexley Council is embarking on another unpopular venture. High density housing on Sidcup’s Old Farm Park.

I suspect that grinning like Cheshire Cats while plunging the first spade into a much loved park will be an image soon to be regretted.

Bexley Council set up a subsidiary company to do the dirty work of building on parks; BexleyCo was formed nearly three years ago and has so far failed with every single one of its endeavours and gone through a number of bosses already. Currently Graham Ward is at the helm, he was a Deputy Director in Bexley even before BiB came into existence and maybe not popular with some of his staff.

BexleyCo one is tempted to say has no skills in anything so building a housing estate on a park is well beyond its capabilities, for that it has brought in that well known national housebuilder, United Living. No, me neither but I should have.

United Living built that gold coloured monstrosity only half a mile from Old Farm Park. The Fold.

“Enhancing existing parkland.” WTF!!


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