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News and Comment June 2020

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5 June (Part 2) - More and more Moores

Bexley lost its very long serving Director Paul Moore last year and he was clearly very unhappy about leaving. Why remains a mystery but it is more than likely that there was a connection with him being passed over for the Chief Executive job which was taken by the Newham cast off Jackie Belton about whom we know next to nothing.
Paul Moore
We don’t know anything about Paul Moore’s replacement either except that he is from Newham too. A borough that had several million taken from under its nose. Not to be confused with Barnet which also had money syphoned away under the nose of Bexley’s Finance Director and his sidekick.

All I know about the Paul Moore replacement is that he is another Moore and I keep getting anonymous messages about him.

Can there be any more Moores?

Well a look through Lewisham’s meeting minutes reveals another, a Paul Moore. It has to be the same one doesn’t it?
Housing Strategy
Housing Strategy
The old boy’s network must have done its work again. One of the unsubstantiated stories is that Paul Moore reached the end of the road in Bexley because of the stream of BexleyCo fiascos.

In which case taking the Director of Regeneration & Place job in Lewisham will allow him to raise two fingers at what he left behind. 


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