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News and Comment March 2020

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3 March - Hiding things across the river

It can be a devil of a job finding out what is going on at oneSource, the joint Newham, Havering, Bexley consortium allegedly set up to save money, in practice just another vehicle for lucrative job hopping opportunities.

If you look at its website you will discover that it has not published any reports since April 2017. It’s no good checking on Bexley’s website, there is nothing there but fortunately Havering Council’s website includes oneSource Agendas for and Minutes of meetings. The last one was held a month ago.

It reveals that they are using a Financial Control system called Oracle Fusion. Go back two years and you will find that they had agreed to spend all their spare money on a different system called Axiom.

A oneSource Director named Paul Thorogood was pushing hard towards its adoption but then he left to take charge of Bexley’s Finances. As soon as he did so oneSource ditched Axiom. Looks like he was backing the wrong horse. Let’s hope he gets things right in Bexley.


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