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News and Comment March 2020

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7 March (Part 2) - Work at a standstill

On 28th October Bexley Council claimed that it would finish working on Harrow Manorway by the end of December, just a few minor finishing touches might extend into the new year.
Press Release
The photographic record reveals that the only progress made since that Press Release (click extract above) was issued is that more granite blocks were installed at the Sainsbury’s pedestrian crossing and the road was marked with paint for the bus lanes and the 20 m.p.h. limit along a road lined with zero housing. As for real progress, forget it.

Harrow Manorway Harrow Manorway Eynsford DriveThese three pictures were taken today and can be compared with those on the long standing Photo feature.

The Eynsford Drive pedestrian crossing has taken a backwards step. The paint has all worn off. It lasted fewer than four months. (Some scrolling necessary.)


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