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News and Comment March 2020

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8 March (Part 2) - A cheap laugh

I don’t know anyone who takes illegal drugs and I have lived in Abbey Wood for 33 years without once being offered any but I do know a Councillor who was approached by a drug addict not long ago so clearly it must happen.

Presumably it happens all around me, gas cannisters are frequently seen in gutters but maybe not on the scale of what I saw last Friday. There were some strewn all along Fendyke Road, Belvedere but nothing out of the ordinary but there were two very big dumps on opposite sides of the adjacent Fossington Road.

The cardboard boxes they were packed in have blown away now but the cannisters are still there.

I haven’t a clue what the ‘recommended’ dose of these things is but presumably there is enough discarded here to kill someone. I expect someone will tell me if that is right.
Gas cannisters Gas cannisters

I just did a little Googling for these things. It seems you can buy two dozen of them for under a tenner. Less than the price of a packet of fags. Maybe it is surprising that we don’t see more of them.


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