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19 March (Part 1) - Sainsbury’s Geriatric Shopping Experience

Sainsbury'sI went to Abbey Wood Sainsbury’s at seven this morning and joined the queue just as it began to move inside. A few younger people were excluded at the door.

I have never seen the shop so crowded although to be fair in normal times you can walk around in almost solitary splendour. I didn't need anything for myself but I have to play safe with the East Ham situation. The regular carer would happily do shopping for me but the relief one does the bare minimum. She has only just been persuaded that hand washing is a good idea.

The last time I was in Sainsbury’s was late morning last Saturday when the shelves were pretty bare. It was far worse today. None of the things that have been hard to get were there.

I picked up three frozen ready meals but the toilet rolls, Dettol and Harpic that get used up at an alarming rate were all unavailable. Tinned food, forget it. There was very little milk, I grabbed a four pint bottle. I doubt there was more than 60 of them left and a few two pints.
On an impulse I picked up a twin pack of kitchen rolls which the carer is using to dry her hands now that washing them is the order of the day. It left maybe six on the shelf.

My aunt is partial to Salt and Vinegar crisps. With gritted teeth I picked up a packet of Walkers which I have boycotted ever since Gary Lineker decided to be a Brexit Gob on a Stick.

And that was it. I was heading out the door by eleven minutes past seven regretting my decision to go. If the extra risk of Corona doesn’t get me, old men pushing trolleys for the first time in their lives will.

The staff were friendly and glad of good wishes for their day and my cashier said courtesy has not always been plentiful recently but to Head Office I would say your kind gesture was a complete waste of time in a store so poorly stocked.


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