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22 March (Part 2) - Lesnes Loons

 A friend in Bromley with a medical condition had run ran short of some pills and I had a small supply of them here at home so arranged to drive them over and do a Doorstep Dump - an unfortunate phrase but nevermind.

I judged, correctly I hope, that sitting in my own car which has not carried a passenger for nearly two weeks was a safe environment.

My route immediately took me past Lesnes Abbey. The roads may have been deserted early this morning but at just after one o’clock the park was mobbed and all the nearby parking spaces were full. All the way up Knee Hill the roads were busy and past the idiot who cut across the opposing lane while turning right from Brampton Road towards Belvedere I could hardly believe how much traffic there was on the road. There was a lot of parking outside Danson Park too although the park itself wasn’t packed to Lesnes levels.

But Sidcup was quiet and Bromley - I didn’t have to get near to the two centre - was compared to Bexley near deserted. Just a few joggers and dog walkers.

It seems that there was a North South divide along the A2 or maybe it was the A207 Broadway. Just what was everyone visiting Lesnes Abbey Park thinking when they did not turn back when they saw it so busy? Presumably with all the cars around some had come a distance.

I shall undertake another emergency delivery this evening and creep in without getting anywhere near the closed bedroom door. I assume that is safe too and it helps to pass the time.

The Lesnes Loons may be happy to kill their Grandmas but if the government is persuaded that the only way to crack down on them is a total lockdown they are going to make it impossible to keep those who are unable to look after themselves supplied with the necessities of life.


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