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News and Comment March 2020

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30 March (Part 2) - The wolves are at the door

I was taken to task for defending Bexley’s new bin schedule and making excuses for the non-schedule where that applies. I haven’t got any bins out as I have somehow not produced any refuse recently but I have just been out to check my neighbour’s bins. They have not moved and remain unemptied into their third week. Clearly that is going to wind some people up.

As has been somewhat forcibly pointed out to me, Bexley Council will have absolutely no sympathy for someone who fails to pay a bill on time so an element of reciprocity is inevitable. One reaps what one sows.

The lying and vindictiveness still abounds on the parking front as many residents have noticed. Where else is Bexley Council falling down?

Not on information for business as far as I can tell, another load of Covid-19 information came out of the Council offices this morning…

Message 3 from Bexley Council’s Economic Development Department
I am pleased to be able to tell you that the London Borough of Bexley’s Covid-19 grant schemes for businesses are now live.

There are two schemes – one for businesses in receipt of Small Business Rates Relief and the other for businesses in the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality sectors (including additional categories announced last week).

The grants are only for businesses who are in occupation of rateable properties (i.e. are normally liable for business rates).

In order to check eligibility and ensure payments are directed to the correct bank accounts a web form will need to be completed by each business.

Further details and links to the web forms for each scheme can be found here:

Where Bexley Council does seem to have taken their eye off the ball is the problem brought to me by the 83 year old with no vegetables. He said he had been given the brush off when seeking help from Bexley Council but when he saw Camden Council’s Help Line publicised on a TV news bulletin and rang the number they ran around anxious to help immediately; until, I suppose, they asked for his address. According to my correspondent, Westminster Council reacted in the same way.

I took a look at Camden’s website and it is quite clearly streets ahead of Bexley’s

Covid-19 Covid-19

Even Greenwich Council has made more of an effort than Bexley however I have it on good authority that that may be about to change. All these things take time but maybe food for the elderly housebound might have been given a higher priority.

Note: The 83 year old told me that he finds the font size on Bonkers to be a bit on the small side so on screens 1024 pixels wide and larger the default paragraph font is now very slightly larger. A screen refesh may be needed before it shows.


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