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News and Comment May 2020

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10 May - Absolutely bonkers

My mate is a taxi driver, I am not allowed to see him but if I pay him to drive me to the shop where I can mingle with strangers everything is just fine.

I have not seen my girlfriend for nearly two months. That’s two months when the vacuum cleaner has seen very little use and the bathroom is not as neat and tidy as it used to be, but if I pay her to come round and be my cleaner, Boris is a happy bunny.

He’s nuts.

In 2011 the government proposed raising the motorway speed limit to 80 m.p.h. The reason was that the economics are heavily in favour of getting the country to run faster. (I know who was involved with the research.)

The current Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the same thing last October. Highways England was of the same opinion in 2018. Higher speeds are economically sensible.

Now the shambolic shower we call a government aided and abetted by bigger clowns like Sadiq Khan and Councils everywhere want us to get on our bikes and to encourage the new stone age by reducing road capacity like they have always wanted to but at a faster pace.

If Boris Johnson cannot make more sensible decisions than those of Extinction Rebellion, then I am finished with him.


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