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11 May - It will be carnage

Well into my eighth decade and with very few family members I seem to have acquired too many vulnerable people to attend to and the only plus point is that it gives me a legal reason to leave home occasionally.

Earlier today it became necessary to do a doorstep drop in central London and I must say the traffic was an eye-opener. It was not too bad heading in at about 4 p.m. but the return trip an hour later was horrendous. There were cyclists all over the place and drivers were by and large giving them a wide berth. It was that that provided the problem as two lane roads effectively became one.

Pulling out when spying Lycra in the distance sometimes provoked a blast on the horn from those who do not look far enough ahead. It took 85 minutes to get from the City to the southern end of the Blackwall Tunnel. I forgot to check the time when I got home but Charlton and Woolwich were fairly free running albeit with the usual standard of driving for which the area is notorious.

If everyone starts to use a bike, those going to work in cars, as is also encouraged over public transport, are going to get there very late. Assuming of course they can find a place to park.

When cyclists start to end up in A&E instead of the office, lots of them will start to risk the trains instead.

Scaring the wits out of the population over the sometimes dangerous virus is going to have nasty repercussions. There is no easy way out.


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