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News and Comment May 2020

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12 May - Coincidence? Probably not, could be a plan

Caring responsibilities have prevented me looking at any Council meeting webcasts and I am not even sure there have been any. Daniel Francis, Bexley’s Labour Leader suggests not or maybe they have been at a much lower level than other Councils. But the democratic failure is not his only concern.

In a letter to Council Leader Teresa O’Neill he highlights several, some of which are…

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The News Shopper carries a new story which tells us how convenient it is that Councillor Gareth Bacon, doubling up as MP for Orpington was rescued from expulsion from Bexley Council with just one day to spare.

He had not attended any meeting since before the General Election and the rule is six month’s absence and you’re out. It was really quite a neat trick to let him sign in for his first virtual meeting and thereby allow him to continue to claim the near thousand pounds a month Councillor Allowance. On the other hand it will save the taxpayer the cost of a by-election which would be sure to be a lot more.

If I was a scheming politician I would probably be quite proud of pulling that stunt.

Councillor Daniel Francis has something to say about that too. Click the image above to read his comments.

Click for News Shopper report.


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