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20 May (Part 1) - Be alert. Bexley needs Lerts

80% of people support the lockdown the polls tell us; but that is just idle compliant talk by those being paid to stay at home. Not a single one of the people I have spoken to in recent days, me included, has observed the lockdown to the letter although the rules were interpreted with a degree of intelligence. What is the point of two people being separated by a simple paling fence that a dog can walk through when you can place two chairs on the same side and open a can of beer?

I don’t mind telling you that this dyed in the wool life long right winger is sick to the back teeth - which fortunately are not yet aching - with Johnson and his bloody useless in a crisis government. Will the head of Public Health England be lined up for the chop at the earliest opportunity for being more interested in a sugar tax than honing his plan for a pandemic?

I have listened to nearly all the press briefings and learned very little. Yesterday the failure to answer sensible questions was blatant and for me were the last straw. Questions designed to give hope to those like me whose remaining years are limited were dodged just as they were when I attended Boris Johnson’s Mayoral election meetings all those years ago.

From my perspective he is saved only by the most inept politician of all time, Sadiq Khan, and a leader of the opposition I despise for his total failure while Director of Public Prosecutions. Can you look at his Shadow Cabinet without falling about laughing? Is that really the best his party can offer?

Very soon Johnson must rebuild the economy of this country and to be fair he has shown tentative signs of trying, thwarted by the left wing loons who control transport in London and schools in run down Labour controlled towns and Councils everywhere who keep car parks and public toilets closed.

The answer to them is simple and it is the same as the law dictates for employment away from the cosy and pampered public sector. People are entitled to stay off work if they don’t feel safe travelling or being at their desk etc. but they don’t get paid.

I wonder what Bexley Council is doing to get things back on track? One can only guess; so I will.

The Chief Executive, my goodness, I have forgotten her name already, will set up a project team and give it a hifalutin name. Something like ‘Operation Restore’.

She will then put her most blue eyed boy in charge of it. That will be Paul Thorogood won’t it? Not that a Finance Director is best placed to know how the borough works, you’d think someone in charge of Growth or Public Realm might have more of a clue.

However if it is Paul Thorogood you can be pretty sure he will co-opt his ex-Barnet side-kick Nickie Morris to hammer out some new wheeze designed to turn Bexley on its head.

No, second thoughts it will be something nicked from that beacon of Tory excellence, the London Borough of Barnet. Something cobbled together at great expense by Capita. Probably the scheme Barnet had to dump in a hurry before it brought them to its financial knees.

That’s my guess anyway. If Bonkers still exists in a couple of years time I may be able to say “Told you so”, or not as the case may be.

I remember now, the Chief Executive is Jackie Belton, Newham’s cast off.


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