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23 May - Bexley’s downward spiral

It may be coincidence but the number of anonymous messages that appear to have come from Council sources rose soon after Chief Executive Jackie Belton appeared on the scene just over a year ago. I assume that is a measure of the discontent prevalent in the Civic Centre; the imports from Barnet have definitely raised more than a few hackles. Long serving Director Paul Moore left the Council and wrote a heart rending letter explaining why.

There have been lots of suggestions that Barnet’s unloved cast offs are planning to wreak some sort of havoc on Bexley’s tried and tested methods; here’s one of them…

Malcolm, as a current employee of the London Borough of Bexley I must warn you and other residents of the borough of big changes. Unfortunately the current Chief Executive [Jackie Belton] and Directors which she brought with her at varying times are determined to undermine the hard work of officers. Some have been played to such an extent that they cannot continue to work for the authority as it’s got so bad. I’m afraid it will go downhill rapidly.

The forecast came sadly true. Yesterday Bexley’s Head of Street Scene Services threw in the towel. He had given 27 years of his life to Bexley. He is horrified at the way services are being changed and dismantled and how the end result will be far removed from what residents deserve and expect. It is he says, “utterly demoralising”.


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