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28 May (Part 1) - One One One. Win Win Win

At the suggestion of a friend I called 111 last night while an old lady lay moaning after four or five days of neglect by the NHS services in Newham.

They referred me to the duty GP in Newham who asked if her regular GP had visited. “Not in the past year or so” I replied. He couldn’t believe it. “Why not, has she got Covid-19?”. “No she has been tested negative but her GP said that Newham GPs were banned from home visits”.

“Total nonsense” was the abbreviated reply.

Long story short, the duty doctor rang back shortly afterwards, prescribed the two missing items plus another for Urinary Tract Infection in case the scheduled but never done test proved positive and wonder of wonders, a nurse came round and he stayed all night.

The three items were collected from a late night pharmacist just before they closed at 11. It was still a difficult night but at least there was professional help available.

What is wrong with the NHS in Newham that allows such neglect to happen?


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