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News and Comment May 2020

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31 May - The critics in Newham join those in Bexley and Barnet

Newham's financesAt first it was just the malcontents from Bexley who loaded my Inbox with critical comment about the direction in which our Council was being steered by the newcomers, then their former colleagues in Barnet joined in. Now it is the turn of former colleagues in Newham. (Earlier Newham comment.)

The latest missive…

Your recent attack on Newham CCG highlights problems there. As a resident and employee of Newham Council I can only advise that it’s a Newham thing.

The Council is rife with problems and the new Mayor is set upon changing things.

The agreement with Bexley and Havering for oneSource is being terminated.

After years of Paul Thorogood as our interim Director of Finance telling us their is an improvement plan that never happened, Newham has decided to go it alone.

Hopefully it means the end of fraud and poor controls, but we are beset by recruitment problems and overpaid and poor interims.

Just the tip of an iceberg of weak financial control has been exposed but unfortunately things haven’t improved and considering our vacancy problem they think they can pay us less in a restructuring. That is bonkers.

Note: There is a minor edit in the above where I thought it possible that the author could be identified.

It should also be noted that as far as I know my criticism of the Health Service in Newham is not linked to Newham Council unless they are responsible for the District Nurse Service and the fact that the local pharmacist never has anything in stock and waiting times have been up to four days while he complains the prescription has not been forthcoming. (He had lost it!)

However I do have about 600 paracetamol tablets if I ever decide to become a drug dealer.


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