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News and Comment November 2020

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17 November (Part 3) - Green investment or simply green

Council incompetence is everywhere it seems. Presumably a product of incestuous promotions in which one failed senior executive gives a leg up to an old mate from the past.

Thurrock Council is apparently not immune from the incompetence disease.

Rockfire Capital is a company that was doing something or other in the solar panel business and it has gone broke. Some say it was telling investors porkie pies before taking their money.
Opposition letter Court reporting
The image on the left is an extract from a letter sent by the Leader of the Opposition Party in Thurrock to its Council Leader. (Click the left image to see it all.) The one on the right is an investigator’s Court report. (Click for source.)

News headlineThat report says that Thurrock Council had £450 million invested in Rockfire. Thurrock’s Council Tax payers may have to dig deep.

What a relief that no one in Bexley was silly enough to get involved with Rockfire.

Oh hang on a minute…


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