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News and Comment November 2020

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21 November - Don’t count your chickens

Thurrock CouncilWhat does Bexley Council have in common with their neighbour across the river; Thurrock?

If you have been paying attention you will know that both invested in failed green energy company Rockfire Capital, about which more another day. In recent years Bexley’s finance department has become expert at copying the silliest of ideas from other Councils which is almost inevitable given their penchant for recruiting senior staff from those councils.

Anything else in common with Thurrock? Well yes. Both are running out of money.

Nothing very unusual about that in 2020 but Thurrock’s plan, in common with Bexley’s, involves a begging letter to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Maybe Bexley’s Capitalisation Order is not exactly the same as Thurrock’s although to the uneducated eye the Local Government Chronicle article (image on the right) makes it at least very similar.

The bad news is that Thurrock’s request was made some while ago and they have just come a cropper with it. Their request fell on unsympathetic ears.

All fingers crossed for Bexley please.

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