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News and Comment April 2021

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10 April (Part 1) - Half-hearted Conservative campaign

CanvasserThe Conservatives are not serious with their attempt to gain seats at the GLA and Mayoral elections are they?

They posted this image to Twitter a couple of days ago, a canvasser delivering (or maybe not) newsletters in my road. The photograph was was taken maybe two minutes walk away from my front door yet Peter Fortune didn’t make it through my letter box.

Yesterday a different leaflet came with the post, at least I assume the postman brought it because it was sandwiched between items of ordinary mail. It is in part an attack on the blood stained (knife crime up 60%) Mayor Sadiq Khan with some dubious claims from Shaun Bailey the Conservative candidate mixed in.

Where does he get the idea that I will save “£307 by reversing Sadiq Khan’s 10% council tax hike” from?

My current bill says that the incompetent and wasteful mayor will extort £447·47 this year “an increase of 9·5% on last year”. Rather more than the less than three pence a week we were promised a Mayor would cost when asked if we wanted one in a referendum 20 odd years ago. I voted against, it was obvious what would happen and it has.

If the £447 is a rise of 9·5% it must have been £408 last year which is robbery to the tune of £39. That’s not £307 is it? It’s a lie worthy of a senior Bexley Councillor.

Shaun wants to see 30 minutes of free parking in high streets and he expects us not to laugh when it hits the doormats in a borough that has done away with many 30 minute bays and approved an across the board price increase of 30%.

One of Khan’s many silly ideas is his cross border toll to come into his fiefdom which the Tories say is to be set at £5·50. But as I understand that is only for the oldest cars, most will pay £3·50. That doesn’t make it a good idea but Shaun Bailey must have a similar mindset to the authors of @bexleynews who will always exaggerate to make a a point - when it is not an outright lie of course.

No more tower blocks in Outer London. Maybe Bailey has a point there, I hate the way my local area is developing given the way Bexley Council is scared to say no to planning applications for fear of Khan over-ruling them.

Sorry Shaun, I may think that Khan has achieved nothing positive whatsoever in his five years but I won’t be voting Conservative next month; maybe you can blame Boris Johnson for a share in that decision.


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