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News and Comment April 2021

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11 April - Crime pays pretty well

Those who have been following my occasional references to the Daniel Morgan (Axe Murder) Panel will presumably know that its report is widely expected to be published within the next six weeks and likely to be critical of many senior police officers.

The journalist who first brought police corruption to wider attention and lost his job at The Guardian for his efforts has recently started a blog about police corruption and not unnaturally one of his first is a long one about Daniel Morgan.

The only police officer who Daniel’s family believed to be honest was Detective Chief Superintendent Dave Cook who conducted the Met’s fifth enquiry into the murder. Like all its predecessors it failed and the Met arrested him because of allegations that he did not follow the rules relating to supergrasses as closely as he should have done. However they did not proceed with any charges and a Court awarded £155,000 to the alleged criminal.

Now the man Cook fingered has plans to hit back by suing Cook.

Michael Gillard’s The Upsetter reveals all.
From The Upsetter


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