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News and Comment April 2021

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17 April - The Mayor from Bexley

GLA ElectionProbably everyone has received a copy of this booklet which attempts to explain the forthcoming Mayoral and GLA election and provide an insight into what the countless candidates are planning for us.

Can there be any better disincentive to vote than a 36 page explanatory brochure?

I flicked through it and cast it to one side. Next day I flung it across the table towards my bubble friend to see what she made of it. I expected a sharp retort from someone who didn’t bother to vote at the last General Election.

She doesn’t like her MP Bob Stewart because of his obvious disinterest in a local problem when she heard him speak at a residents' meeting and also because she doesn’t regard herself as a voter in far away Beckenham. Her back garden is in Orpington.

To my surprise she read all the prospectuses and then said “there is only one of those who I might vote for”.

It was David Kurten.

David was high on my shortlist too. His nomination papers confirm him to be a Bexley resident.

If you want to see London decline further towards taxed to the hilt lawless ghetto status you vote for the virtual signalling wastrel Sadiq Khan. If you value freedom to move around the city safely, unhindered and inexpensively you do not.

David Kurten


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