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News and Comment April 2021

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18 April - Thanks Phil, nice tip off

Queen ElizabethThis appallingly sad scene has been repeated across the country about 1,600 times every day for the past year. The man inflicting this misery is ‘libertarian’ Prime Minister Boris Johnson, not just gullible to have been so often led by false statistics but ready to put what is left of his reputation on the line to defend his mistakes with more blatantly false claims.

The Chapel at Windsor has a capacity of 800 people. At Easter 300 people safely worshipped there but for the Duke’s funeral only 30 people were allowed. Proof ultimate that Boris Johnson’s rules are mainly lunacy

Councillor Philip Read has helpfully brought to my attention a report to the effect that Lockdowns have had a minimal impact on Covid infections, something that is easy to find on other reports too.

Conservative Read has also highlighted the irrefutable fact that it is the vaccine programme which has got Covid on the run with positive test cases around ten times lower than in Europe generally and more than 20 times lower than just 21 miles away across the channel.

But the deluded fool otherwise known as Boris Johnson insists that it is his beloved lockdown which has done the job. The sooner he is consigned to the political scrap heap the better.

Thanks Philip. Nice tip off.

Vaccination success Lockdown failed
Evening Standard

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