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News and Comment April 2021

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25 April - Sunday round up

Nothing to report. I am invited to a garden booze up. If I take a drink it will be the first since last September.

I have been given a copy of the latest Conservative Longlands byelection leaflet. I am still inclined to think that the Labour leaflet is more informative but people will either vote for more of the same or raise two fingers to the arrogance too often displayed by Bexley’s Conservative leadership. It is basically a one woman band and occasionally the word democracy gets forgotten.

canisters canistersOn the other hand we have been spared some of the madness imposed under cover of Covid by the socialist zealots who run neighbouring boroughs. Maybe that is too sweeping a statement, Bromley Council has been just as stupid according to a residents’ newsletter that is sent to me every month.

Conservative candidate Lisa-Jane Moore endorses all the existing Council policies which is fair enough, she would not have been permitted to do anything different but neither is there anything new. If there was the Leadership would have pinched the idea. Lisa is a good well meaning local resident but will probably have to learn the hard way that she she will be valued mainly as voting fodder.

And her gas canister problem (Photo1, see her leaflet) appears to be minor compared with more northerly wards. (Photos 2, Belvedere.)

No more Norman Dodds
Those who ought to know tell me that there is no longer any reference to the Labour Party on their Erith and Thamesmead Headquarters building because if it is festooned only with Parliament’s crest - the Portcullis - the signage can be claimed as a Parliamentary expense. Any mention of a political party and it can’t is their message.
Sure enough there have been redecoration bills among our MP’s expenses claims, but no signage yet shows on the register.

Getting taxpayers to pay for an MP’s ego boost doesn’t seem very honest to me but then pretty much nothing is at Westminster any more.

Wild Bexley
Fox FoxI have been adopted by a fox. It has progressed from trying to steal the bird’s fat balls to eating the leather shoes left in the shed for occasional gardening duty to sitting on the patio doorstep as if it expects to be fed. If I open the door it comes closer.

When the weather is good the door is usually left open and over the years it has attracted several birds and mice plus a bat and a frog. Johnson’s lockdown has been a lonely experience at times but I think I can do without a young vixen.

Maybe I am being asked to vote Fox on 6th May.


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