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News and Comment August 2021

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10 August - A housing crisis

Windows open Garage There is nothing right about the housing situation in this country; not enough of it for the rapidly increasing population and too expensive. I bought my first house after being at work, starting on £403 a year, for only four years; but who would help out by being a landlord now?

My neighbour of eight years moved to Basildon, Kent (sic) last week. He had literally never ever attended to his front garden - I cut his lawn and trimmed his hedge or I’d have to look at the eyesore daily - and the jungle at the back was cut down only once a year.

Now he has gone and every window has been left open through which one can see a dilapidated kitchen. The garage door is broken and hanging off its hinges and behind it is a mountain of old toot.

Probably worse is the van he left behind. It has stood outside his house rendering his neighbour’s drive virtually unusable since 2014. Removing it will be a very expensive job. It will need six new tyres, a new battery, insurance, VED and an MOT which it will never get. The landlord lives abroad, he is in for a shock.

Abandoned van Abandoned van Abandoned van Abandoned van

Abandoned van Abandoned van Abandoned van Abandoned van



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