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News and Comment August 2021

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11 August (Part 1) - Waste. Everywhere you look there is waste

The oft heard claim that some British public service or other is best in the world has always been cringeworthy; recently it has become official that the police can be Institutionally Corrupt and the National Health Service has spent the past 18 months demonstrating that it most certainly isn’t best at anything. I am fortunate to have known no one who died of Covid, in fact I have not encountered anyone who even claims to have had it, but I do know of people who have been taken to the brink of death because health care professionals have been impossible to find.

Three people I know have died from strokes soon after being AZ vaccinated which may or may not be coincidence; they were all over 70 years old but believed themselves to be in reasonably good shape. The NHS is indisputably hugely wasteful and inefficient. I was due a hospital appointment in June but informed by letter that it was deferred until 8th October. On Monday I received another letter; it said that my appointment has been deferred from 8th October at 10:20 to 8th October at 10:20.

QE letter

I read it several times over to see what was going on, eventually the penny dropped. The name of the medic who will call me has changed. Do I care and how much did that nonsense cost the taxpayer?

I was told a few months ago that someone at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust refused to allow the use of email or text message. That will be another £100k. or more on bad management.

In better news the three piece suite pictured on Monday was taken away this morning. The man with the open topped truck told me that he was contracted by Bexley Council to take it away “and it will cost them plenty”. Maybe the Council shouldn’t be charging residents £38 an item to take large items away - but logic is something Councils have always lacked, Bexley more than most.

In even better news a scrap dealer wants to remove the abandoned van.


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