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News and Comment August 2021

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19 August (Part 2) - Four out of five workers are not striking. Can that be true?

I was asked earlier today if I felt sorry for Cabinet Member Peter Harold Craske to which the honest answer must be just a bit, not all that much, but a little bit.

He has very often been the bruiser with the difficult job. Parking, park closures and bins have all been his over the years which does not endear him to the public. Certainly his reputation for vindictive behaviour, an aversion to the absolute truth and his penchant for unwarranted attacks on the Labour opposition does not endear him to me but with bins he should be cut a little bit of slack. Only a little bit mind. It was his predecessors who drew up the wretched Serco contract twelve years ago and created a situation from which there is no legal way out for Bexley Council.

I am sure Labour will continue to advocate an in-house service but that is not on the agenda for at least ten more years. Craske can’t do much now while Serco or Unite make mischief but he is at least worried about the situation, not only worried for his votes but the voters themselves some of whom are enduring hardships he may not realise as he introduces stop-gap remedies. Should I admit to having a completely empty Green bin a week after the last collection?

Cllr TaylorThe Labour opposition have not shown any concern for residents at all. Quiet on Social Media, not quite as quiet on the picket lines where one at least admitted to “loving” the chaos heaped on residents and hoping that more trucks were stuck in the depot. It will be amazing if that doesn’t come back to haunt Labour next May.

Where I do question what Peter and his boss Teresa are saying is that four out of five dust people are said to be working but if that is the case why are only two bins out of five being emptied? Teresa provided a figure of 17% strikers when reporting to Council three weeks ago which makes the arithmetic even worse. High proportion of drivers maybe?

The duo’s latest statement is here.


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