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News and Comment August 2021

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22 August - Mask madness

I am of the opinion that the flimsy blue mask I wear only when the idiotic Khan says I should is about as much use as chicken wire against a machine gun nest. My nurse neighbour agrees with me although she is less enthusiastic about using the same one for 16 months.

On Friday I was at The Oval for most of the day and didn’t get home until past eleven o’clock as there were no trains due to an incident at Abbey Wood. Seven ambulances, four police cars, two fire engines plus Network Rail emergency response vehicles. There is still no definitive news as to why.

The Oval was close to capacity so probably 25,000 people. I only saw one mask. My companions said the queue for the bar was long and the Gent’s toilet was crowded as we diverted there on our way out. No masks.

Two of us decided to get the 133 bus to London Bridge and Liverpool Street with masks on. My friend who had been mingling all day with thousands of maskless people decided to pick an argument with the lady sitting behind us who wasn’t wearing a mask. I moved and pretended he was nothing to do with me.

Proof positive that the mask zealots are mad?

Very nearly four hours to drive back from Malmesbury tonight. Motorways closed in three places so it was a meandering cross country route. Back to bins in the morning.


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