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News and Comment August 2021

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24 August (Part 2) - Bexley’s housing crisis solved in Darlington. Another brilliant idea from a dead wood Cabinet

Leaf's decisionYou’d think after the debacle that is bins Bexley Council may not be so keen to dump more of their responsibilities on to utility companies - and dump on their own staff in the process.

You’d be wrong.

Alongside is an extract from the Cabinet Member for Resources’ decision taken last week to offload part of Accounting on to Capita. The company that somehow sold its software to Bexley and with it a packet of trouble. You may see the latest error of judgment in its entirety here.

This will lead to yet more redundancies, three I have been told, and the remaining staff are just as unhappy as their colleagues in Finance.

One of them emailed to say it all came as a big surprise because the talks had been held in secret before the like it or lump it choice was given to move to Darlington or Chichester.

Quoting the email; “We have lost many staff while facing a massive housing crisis with more and more coming to the council for accommodation. It’s a crisis. It’s a disaster. But they are keeping things quiet. We fear for our futures”.

From Ames to Serco, outsourcing has not been an overwhelming success in Bexley and it is deeply unpopular with residents right now but for the current Cabinet it’s heads down, blinkers on and charge!

I fear for the homeless but everybody’s favourite Borella Basher can have no such scruples.


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