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News and Comment August 2021

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28 August (Part 2) - Attendance records

TwitterTony of Sidcup has done another of his analyses, this time on which Councillors bother to turn up at meetings.

It is not for me to come to the rescue of Teresa O’Neill but her position does not merit attendance at Scrutiny meetings. As the word scrutiny implies, such meetings exist so that run of the mill Councillors can examine the proposals put forward by the relevant Cabinet Member.

The Leader does not directly champion anything so the need to defend or explain it at a Scrutiny meeting does not arise.

Tony says elsewhere that his chart is of theoretical rather than actual attendances. Most of the time Cabinet Members do show up at relevant Scrutiny meetings. The same goes for Cabinet meeting; loads of Councillors put in an appearance but they are not counted by the chart.

As a relative newcomer to Bexley politics Tony may not have noticed any of that but I find it more difficult to make excuses for a leading member and former candidate of Bexley Labour.

Maybe it is just mischief making.



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