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News and Comment August 2021

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30 August (Part 1) - Here we go again!

Blocked Blocked BlockedA new way of blocking my car into the drive has been invented. I have not seen that one before (Photo 1).

Thanks to Bexley Council’s poor planning I doubt it is absolutely illegal.

Then a second car came along and parked alongside it, completely blocking two drives but not mine. (Photo 2.)

No photo because I was being watched too closely. My visitor asked for the first car to be removed. You can see it parked on the footpath in Photo 2.

Not in the same league of pavement parking as Photo 3 of course. (R009 KYX.) It has been there all morning and still is at 12:20. Absolutely safe, you never see a traffic warden in Coptefield Drive. Too many admin costs, much more profitable to install a ridiculous yellow box junction with a camera.


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