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News and Comment December 2021

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2 December (Part 2) - How low can they go?

The only election news of note that came through today was that it looked like the turnout was incredibly low which I suspect is bad news for the Conservatives. They did however get a very good turn out of MPs, the Bonkers count is up to 97 and the real number is quite a lot higher than that.

I am still looking forward to a political upset by which I mean the Tory share of the vote sinking towards the 40% mark. Boris Johnson deserves nothing less. For the future of Conservatism he needs to go.

The money must still be on Louie French topping the poll but based solely on witnessing more Council meetings than most, observing the eloquence, his knowledge of and passion for the borough on display there, I would say that Daniel Francis would make much the better MP. Just so long as he is not influenced by the mad fringes of his local party.


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