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News and Comment December 2021

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6 December (Part 2) - Erith enigma

My memory for old Bonkers’ blogs is not too bad, hence the innumerable historical links, but apparently I am a little useless at remembering those from other local websites.

Listed buildingsFollowing the report that Bexley Council still owns Erith Post Office despite what the Land Registry reported, a reader messaged to say that Murky Depths covered the Erith Post Office situation in December 2020.

True, but it only makes a vague reference to the Council’s intention to buy unspecified property in the centre of Erith. Property we now know to be WDS Signs next door to the Post Office.

Murky’s usually comprehensive coverage of planning matters does not appear to have returned to that particular subject since.

Another reader - and I didn’t consider the subject one to attract much comment - referred me to Hugh Neal’s blog of the following week. He reported that WDS Signs’ premises were up for auction but mysteriously withdrawn.

Because of the Land Registry correction, we now know why. Bexley Council was desperate to get their hands on the whole corner plot and prepared to do so at almost any cost.

A bit of digging around the web found confirmation of the sale. As the second correspondent, an Erith resident, points out, Bexley Council has tried to keep this transaction secret. He says it never showed in any Council meeting Agenda - unless it was in an Exempted section - and there was no community involvement or consultation. It was simply an under-the-counter transaction hidden from view.

Hugh’s year old blog goes on to refer to the old Electricity House just 150 yards away from the Post Office. Something ‘funny’ is going on there too. Why is Bexley Council allowing it to operate as The Redeemed Christian Church of God? A search of Bexley’s planning portal for that organisation throws up a twelve year old application for an address in Welling, but nothing for Erith.

Maybe the reports that it operates from Electricity House without planning permission are true. When Council matters don’t quite add up in Bexley it is always sensible to assume an ulterior motive.


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